Welcome to the Stilo Alliance Project

To find out more about Stilos specifics just feel free to surf through our website. As an Stilo fan youll know more than anyone how important it is to keep yourself up to date.

The Stilo Alliance network strives to make all this possible. By bringing together the finest of the europeans fan websites weve created a unique and easier surfing experience.
Weve even harmonised all our informations for you to make your online connections smoother.Whichever Stilo Alliance member website you visit, weve made sure your journey is as rewarding as it is relaxing. And we encourage our members to promote their own unique traditions and clubs.

We are: German, Netherlands, British, Polish, Hungarian and Italian administrators. Together, we give you what no one online community could:

  • Access to the paneuropean Stilo discussion board
  • Access to special pre-paid forum lounges (in which languages available)
  • The possibility to publish your own car pictures
  • The biggest knowledge database around Stilo
  • Online meetings with fans like you are - throughout Europe
  • Special pre-paid services like unlimited add free mailboxes, downloads, etc. if in your language available

We bring Europe together - right now!